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  EMISSION DU 17/09/2017

Artiste Track Album Label

1 pet crow how are you wired? how are you wired? too pure

2 worst gift what´s another 40 bucks between friends? world´s worst art of the uncarved block

3 metz mess of wires strange peace sub pop

4 chelsea wolfe spun hiss spun sargent house

5 parking dance flora putain parking dance autoproduction

6 uk gold auto responder uk gold olympia wash

7 new primals beta decay wraith autoproduction

8 pastel dream fall pastel dream spirit goth

9 sea fuzz nowhere to go sky gazing spirit goth

10 castlebeat heat still beats heat still beats spirit goth

11 sauna accident mary jane run to the log that´s rotten father/daughter

11 wilt hard tooth floors v/a: the le sigh vol. iii father/daughter

11 annabel lee period sex wallflowers luik

11 stakattak blind poodle glued meat autoproduction

11 bad breeding the more the merrier divide la vida es un mus

12 dead chartreuse blew we won´t let you sleep weemptyrooms

13 metz common trash strange peace sub pop

13 chelsea wolfe particle flux hiss spun sargent house

14 why the eye? dombo why the eye? plynt

15 dalëk echoes of... endangered philosophies ipecac

16 ho9909 war is hell united states of horror toys have power

17 white manna pan pan captcha

18 minami deutsch tunnel tunnel höga nord

18 jet lag banksters & rulers banksters & rulers autoproduction

18 mere women eternally big skies poison city

18 the bug vs earth another planet concrete desert ninja tune

18 metz raw materials strange peace sub pop

18 chelsea wolfe static hum hiss spun sargent house

18 dead sea apes lo res sixth side of the pentagon cardinal fuzz

Artiste: chelsea wolfe
Album: hiss spun
Label: sargent house

Artiste: metz
Album: strange peace
Label: sub pop


Artiste: castlebeat
Album: heat still beats
Label: spirit goth
Track(s): heat still beats

Artiste: pastel dream
Album: pastel dream
Label: spirit goth
Track(s): fall

Artiste: sea fuzz
Album: sky gazing
Label: spirit goth
Track(s): nowhere to go

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