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  EMISSION DU 24/09/2017

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the lovely eggs i shouldn´t have said that this is eggland egg

2 viewmaster caved in allternative classics alarum

3 unsane aberration sterilize southern lord

4 beaches void second of spring chapter music

5 kindling destroy yrself hush 6131

6 guppy went to the mall in the garage garden gnome

7 nagazi beat triple dare e.o.t.s. autoproduction

8 big heet flint on a wire exploding in sound

9 cellos white lines the great leap backward vollmer industries

10 with flowers cherry shadow autoproduction

11 the telescopes something in my brain as light return tapete

11 shoeshine monalysa at large on an even shale autoproduction

11 cocaine piss inner unicorn pinãcolalove hypertension

11 unsane distance sterilize southern lord

11 league of sonic discovery i have waited so long medicated and dedicated autoproduction

12 beaches be second of spring chapter music

13 the pin group columbia ambivalence flying nun

14 the clean point that thing somewhere else boodle boodle boodle ep flying nun

15 the gordons coalminers song the gordons flying nun

16 headless chickens cyclic stunt clown flying nun

17 goblin mix travelling grave the complete goblin mix & the exploding budgies flying nun

18 chug golden mile sassafras flying nun

19 garageland fingerpops last exit to garageland flying nun

19 superette taiwan tiger flying nun

19 moe doll´s eye examination of the eye of a horse flying nun

19 unsane a slow reaction sterilize southern lord

19 beaches when you´re gone second of spring chapter music

Artiste: beaches
Album: second of spring
Label: chapter music

Artiste: unsane
Album: sterilize
Label: southern lord

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