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  EMISSION DU 03/12/2017

Artiste Track Album Label

1 ghost car woman in the shadows woman in the shadows stolen body

2 spray paint and ben mackie friendly moving man get legless 12xu

3 blood cookie i guess it makes me happy empty your mind autoproduction

4 mugstar bethany heart star collapsar evil hoodoo

5 dead vibrations chemical hug dead vibrations fuzz club

6 cazzurillo bunny´s bed greetings from grinchland cheap satanism

7 noisy heaven sorry. the end. autoproduction

8 iris what kills you iris backpack

9 iris peal iris backpack

10 iris touch iris backpack

11 stunted displays [pride] fault drwg music

12 hollywoodfun downstairs ?trolling tetris antena krzyku

13 together forever succulence i do autoproduction

14 facs skylarking negative houses trouble in mind

15 mugstar man with supersight collapsar evil hoodoo

16 blood cookie remember all the rules empty your mind autoproduction

17 greenleaf treehorn agents of ahriman small stone

18 sortilegia white bones black flame pestilent black sorcery vault of dried bones

19 dhidalah no water no water guruguru brain

20 rené binamé et les roues de secours la moustache vocations aredje

21 the fabulous progerians 2+6 the fabulous progerians gps prod

22 noyades mevlana go fast s.k.

23 don vito crystal motor comment ça va light my fire head

24 le singe blanc pampa aoûtat whosbrain

25 hey colossus octave dokkter cuckoo live life like cuckoo mie

26 buzz rodeo pride parade combine antena krzyku

27 blood cookie saturday night empty your mind autoproduction

28 mugstar spotlight over memphis collapsar evil hoodoo

Artiste: blood cookie
Album: empty your mind
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: mugstar
Album: collapsar
Label: evil hoodoo


Artiste: iris
Album: iris
Label: backpack
Track(s): what kills you / peal / touch

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