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  EMISSION DU 10/12/2017

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the biscuits pick me albatross ilk ither

2 mala fides stressor dull but constant autoproduction

3 scul hazzards gave upon you epitaph; reset rejuvenation

4 torso twin cinder cinder autoproduction

5 bardo pond kailash volume 8 fire

6 uncle ann into the sun into the sun autoproduction

7 the royal they sludgefucker foreign being king pizza

7 harpon attelage béji rejuvenation

8 hoaries set me free crudforms vol. 2 autoproduction

9 that uncertain feeling exit 500/600 dead dead good

10 that uncertain feeling on the edge 500/600 dead dead good

10 that uncertain feeling weird sister 500/600 dead dead good

10 enob hyper hibou hyper hibou atypeek music

10 casual worship wasted time casual demo autoproduction

11 scul hazzards count on your enemies epitaph; reset rejuvenation

12 torso twin pirates cinder autoproduction

12 marteleur dance backward when the fire walks with you my anvil is my turning fork navalorama

13 bearcats gutter pussy v/a: bearcats / horrible adorable split yr first crush

13 bleak plaza silver strings v/a: kissing party / bleak plaza split first base tapes

14 no age soft collar fad snare like a haircut drag city

15 blasfemme gas gas autoproduction

15 snakes don´t belong in alaska inauguration of a true believer ancient alien tempel ritual cruel nature

15 tropical trash last night straight v/a: tropical trash / brutal birthday split maple death

16 stnnng black dog 2 v/a: stnnng / child bite split forge again

16 scul hazzards wake work sleep epitaph; reset rejuvenation

16 torso twin matriphagy cinder autoproduction

Artiste: torso twin
Album: cinder
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: scul hazzards
Album: epitaph; reset
Label: rejuvenation


Artiste: that uncertain feeling
Album: 500/600
Label: dead dead good
Track(s): exit / on the edge / weird sister

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