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  EMISSION DU 25/02/2018

Artiste Track Album Label

1 lost boy? dialogue runner dialogue runner autoproduction

2 hit bargain capitulate potential maximizer buzz

3 hahawall 69 lost autoproduction

4 frigs solid state basic behaviour arts & crafts

5 divide and dissolve cultural extermination abomination dero arcade

6 psychic markers sea waves hardly strangers bella union

7 liines shallow stop - start reckless yes

8 sale gosse chili the first dick i ever saw was iggy pop´s luik

9 ganser psy ops odd talk no trend

10 tabatha crash memories tabatha crash zéro égal petit intérieur

11 buzz rodeo stunt king stunt king autoproduction

11 sorry 2 down 2 dance 2 down 2 dance domino

12 février hate février autoproduction

13 frigs ii basic behaviour arts & crafts

13 hahawall today (fade away) lost autoproduction

14 monster magnet pill shovel spine of god go get organized

15 kill the thrill blood money dig agony

16 heliogabale bullet in ya belly yolk agony

17 (the true) scorpio rising you won´t resist our car i know you but you don´t know me agony

18 davy jones locker ultimate palpable atypeek music

18 goz of kermeur put it in your pocket goz of kermeur atypeek music

19 isaac corps dur v/a: isaac/térébenthine (spl)it atypeek music

19 térébenthine ep jackie térébenthine atypeek music

20 eliogabal un caillou dans ta chaussure mo atypeek music

21 cut the navel string the last peter deimel black box sessions atypeek music

21 hahawall wasted lost autoproduction

21 frigs chest basic behaviour arts & crafts

Artiste: frigs
Album: basic behaviour
Label: arts & crafts

Artiste: hahawall
Album: lost
Label: autoproduction

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