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  EMISSION DU 04/03/2018

Artiste Track Album Label

1 back teeth clot garbage head autoproduction

2 bodega how did this happen? how did this happen? what´s your rupture?

3 bonne aparte skinspilling scalps luik

4 hopeless kids rest your head dark paradise autoproduction

5 just mustard tainted tainted autoproduction

6 a place to bury strangers there´s only one of us pinned dead oceans

7 usa nails time work work work sad tapes

7 control of the going she i love you but it´s going to rain sister 9

8 control of the going love you more i love you but it´s going to rain sister 9

9 control of the going you´re mine i love you but it´s going to rain sister 9

10 simulators the ship won´t sink until the water is inside three patterns autoproduction

10 the god eaters mindlessness fading horizons invertebrata

11 shell of a shell already there already there exploding in sound

12 holy motors honeymooning slow sundown wharf cat

12 hopeless kids blush dark paradise autoproduction

13 bonne aparte secret scalps luik

13 rites of thy degringolade thyhathbecomehim totality realms of darkness

14 luminous bodies you cheap-arse motherfucker! luminous bodies box

15 the eye of time l´enfer ce n´est pas les autres c´est moi myth i: a last dance for the things we love denovali

16 cannabis corpse blame it on bud beneath grow lights thou shalt rise tankcrimes

16 gold no shadow optimist ván

17 necro deathmort gu overland profound lore

17 disorder closed masters of the glueniverse malarie

17 part chimp the saturn superstition iv rock action

17 hey colossus hey, dead eyes, up! in black and gold rocket

17 grey hairs the chin (part ii) serious business gringo

17 action beat taylors leaving do the condition truth cult

17 housewives half step work hands in the dark

17 bonne aparte my defeat scalps luik

17 hopeless kids hope in hell dark paradise autoproduction

Artiste: hopeless kids
Album: dark paradise
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: bonne aparte
Album: scalps
Label: luik


Artiste: control of the going
Album: i love you but it´s going to rain
Label: sister 9
Track(s): she / love you more / you´re mine

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