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  EMISSION DU 21/04/2024

Artiste Track Album Label

1 dull this far push ep startracks

2 texoprint panko mumble subroutine

3 ekko astral head empty blues pink balloons topshelf

4 repairs strange times disappointing sequel autoproduction

5 winter sallow sallow autoproduction

6 somesurprises why i stay perseids doom trip

7 neon kittens yes leeds no york it´s no thing metal postcard

8 perennial action painting art history safe suburban home

9 king in yellow spirit shift spirit shift autoproduction

10 rats and daggers back sabbath half hanged autoproduction

11 twin coast i´d like to be noie! noie! noie! autoproduction

12 nicola leel capable capable autoproduction

13 fishtalk crocodile out petite biche

14 arrrgo don benito mare vollmer industries

15 repairs time travel disappointing sequel autoproduction

16 ekko astral uwu type beat pink ballons topshelf

17 luxury apartments energy luxury apartments autoproduction

18 splitterzelle sink positive drumhard sessions vol. 1 echodelick

19 we hate you please die adrenaline adrenaline incisive

20 shelf lives uncle fred uncle fred not sorry mom

21 danielle whalebone ordinary things whispers of shadows autoproduction

22 big|brave quotidian : solemnity a chaos of flowers thrill jockey

23 night lunch 1 million pines 1 million pines autoproduction

24 tickle fight trailer park star tattoo tramp stamp meth head (y´all got a cigrit?) somes ongs autoproduction

25 loose articles mr manager scream if you wanna go faster alcopop!

26 radio bremen 05 live session 7 stop shouting

27 ekko astral stick and bones pink ballons topshelf

28 repairs trashfaced disappointing sequel autoproduction

Artiste: repairs
Album: disappointing sequel
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: ekko astral
Album: pink ballons
Label: topshelf

Artiste: ekko astral
Album: pink balloons
Label: topshelf

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