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  EMISSION DU 25/12/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the empty threats boys in the gutter monstertruck mondays p.a.k.

2 the ovens we can be free possibilities autoproduction

3 dastard if i had a shotgun horselip hognose

4 terminator dais for moral performance placate boring flesh autoproduction

5 sunday girl snout redux 2022 isolated healing autoproduction

6 spirit furnace taunt spirit furnace autoproduction

7 dick move eyes for christmas eyes for christmas autoproduction

8 danes raft too dislocation autoproduction

9 cadet no design doubt about it autoproduction

10 knifeplay christmas lullaby for the holidays autoproduction

11 kailand sick the bubble autoproduction

12 cor de lux syncopated media autoproduction

13 knickers lower back pain collection of bits & pieces

14 sour tongue supreme jort sweet talk frozen never fresh

15 dastard winnabego horselip hognose

16 terminator rat (hopefully the boy) placate boring flesh autoproduction

17 tendance parks avenue no matter how much money you got, you won´t get us broken car stereo pastiche reverse tapes

18 lousy sue rats artless artifacts sweet time

19 catastrophic dance ensemble panko panko / sad machine autoproduction

20 bash that priest no more waiting btp autoproduction

21 microbes, mostly honeybee gross beef autoproduction

22 don fleming & sharon cheslow a quiet world at rest a quiet world at rest autoproduction

23 the lord & david pajo nazarite nazarite southern lord

24 obed-edom a night among the living done up in jade lime green waters gravity sink

25 desperate living the truth shame reptilian

26 carlton melton prescribed skies resemble ensemble agitated

27 dastard sick bay horselip hognose

28 terminator trout placate boring flesh autoproduction

Artiste: terminator
Album: placate boring flesh
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: dastard
Album: horselip
Label: hognose

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