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  EMISSION DU 09/04/2023

Artiste Track Album Label

1 we hate you please die sorority sorority / control stomp

2 private wives thirsty bad taste farmer & the owl

3 glittering insects remote viewed orgasm glittering insects total punk

4 chum casual body metaphysical crackedankles

5 amanda x crave crave self aware

6 cindy earthly belonging why not now? mt. st. mtn.

7 wednesday hot rotten glass shell rat saw god dead oceans

8 spitting image spirit trouble flash full sun slovenly

9 public interest slow burn spiritual pollution erste theke tontraeger

10 grid ils vont marcher demo autoproduction

11 feeble little horse steamroller girl with fish saddle creek

12 draag demonbird dark fire heresy anxiety blanket

13 pierre vervloesem the asthma game expected noises off

14 common wounds lament common wounds protagonist music

15 glittering insects peatgurgling glittering insects total punk

16 chum nu-age metaphysical crackedankles

17 es too late fantasy upset the rhythm

18 ropsten alamogordo alamogordo shyrec

19 eskimo lunettes portal to kobaïa fifth autoproduction

20 two boys dogstar dough touch autoproduction

21 margaritas podridas vómito filosa sub pop

22 vago sagrado entre sombras mundo tal autoproduction

23 yop beyond being the world is hell wahshtuff

24 cassels about not writing v/a: cassels / beige palace split single human worth

25 malclango sparagazzarre sparagazzarre subsound

26 psychic lemon volver studio jams volume 6 autoproduction

27 dez dare weasel breath critical mind dump ep six tonnes de chair

28 facs class spectre still life in decay trouble in mind

29 chum social animal metaphysical crackedankles

30 glittering insects obscured world after death glitterings insects total punk

31 delivery + workhorse who makes demands? who makes demands? spoilsport

Artiste: chum
Album: metaphysical
Label: crackedankles

Artiste: glittering insects
Album: glittering insects
Label: total punk

Artiste: glittering insects
Album: glitterings insects
Label: total punk

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