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  EMISSION DU 08/10/2023

Artiste Track Album Label

1 cel ray piss park piss park six tonnes de chair

2 lounge tourist f.c. f.c. autoproduction

3 tea eater jack nicholson obsession a diamond heart production

4 swallow the rat cave south locust shifting sounds

5 soosanoo magkai - demo demos - 2 autoproduction

6 cindy likely story likely story/saw it all tough love

7 committeemen kate bush plays coachella kate bush plays coachella autoproduction

8 big scout donut donut melted ice cream

9 numb.er j31 regressions third coming

10 vanishing twin lotus eater afternoon x fire

11 ghostwoman yoko hindsight is 50/50 full time hobby

12 dancer chill pill as well gold mold

13 foam smotherer youth full ignorance autoproduction

14 static death excavator static death singles vol. 2 selenelion

15 tea eater respect the wheel obsession a diamond heart production

16 swallow the rat zzk south locust shifting sounds

17 23 and beyond the infinite back on the road to the next world back on the road to the next world autoproduction

18 the broken opium table the moth approaching midnight autoproduction

19 tutupatu puma v/a: bcr clippings #1 broken clover

20 torpedo hope | dream v/a: bcr clippings #1 broken clover

21 shit happiness 5/8 soft deep house and leisurely lounge autoproduction

22 adulkt life liberation tags there is no desire jabs

23 adult mauling pvc yen mauling autoproduction

24 kombynat robotron kaolin frohe zukunft drone rock

25 yoke working person yoke rocket

26 la femme solitaire where is my bag? la finale autoproduction

27 fiep lucid dream 77 stokes croft autoproduction

28 sexless marriage harsh light this is not love nighted throne

29 beige palace waterloo sublet making sounds for andy human worth

30 swallow the rat idea of south south locust shifting sounds

31 tea eater cosmic coconut obsession a diamond heart production

Artiste: tea eater
Album: obsession
Label: a diamond heart production

Artiste: swallow the rat
Album: south locust
Label: shifting sounds

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