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  EMISSION DU 27/11/2005

Artiste Track Album Label

1 amp get here us very friendly

1 the dirtbombs trainwreck if you don't already have a look in the red

3 projekt a-ko new confusion v/a: club ac30 #5 club ac30

4 subarachnoid space ourobourus the red veil strange attractors audio house

5 hammock stranded under endless sky stranded under endless sky hammock music

5 art brut 18.000 lira bang bang rock & roll fierce panda

6 part chimp bring back the sound i am come rock action

6 explosions in the sky a song for our fathers how strange, innocence temporary residence limited

6 excepter jrone (three) throne load

6 the willowz equation #6 are coming sympathy for the record industry

8 subarachnoid space the red veil the red veil strange attractors audio house

8 eyston you i she v/a: split cd w/ eyston & actarus guided by format

8 belle époque il est trop tard a la derive heart on fire/rejuvenation

8 kimmo modern love after the show rejuvenation

8 microfilm andré a journey to the 75th rejuvenation

8 loisirs pâquerette glamoroso dora dorovitch

8 asamblea internacional del fuego el mejor actor kabuki lo que hablaron las animas en el comino andonios y platformos

8 analena notturno carbon based moonlee

8 defiance, ohio tanks, tanks, tanks v/a: split cd w/ defiance ohio & ghost mice plant-it x

8 amanda woodward la décadence de la décadence la décadence de la décadence earth water sky connection

8 sinaloa polar bears and cubs footprints on floorboards waking

8 amanda rogers my golden thread the places you dwell immigrant sun

8 actarus scotland yard v/a: split cd w/ eyston & actarus guided by format

9 the moaners heart attack dark snack yep roc

9 subarachnoid space p.s.s.a. the red veil strange attractors audio house

9 the fall what about us? fall heads roll slogan

Artiste: subarachnoid space
Album: the red veil
Label: strange attractors audio house

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