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  EMISSION DU 28/01/2024

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the sleazoids vhs death the cult of the sleazoids spinout nuggets

2 hoofs so alone so alone autoproduction

3 radical kitten mouse trap uppercat hidden bay

4 rndln legs rndln autoproduction

5 ryann gonsalves burrowing ouch! dandy boy

6 the klittens reading material butter autoproduction

7 vanishing twin life drummer life drummer sub pop

8 compact flash these trees reach demo autoproduction

9 m.u.t.t. sf is killing me dirty deeds quiet panic

10 nerves empty empty post-pop

11 purpur spytt on a circle scavenges, time-travels, and scrapbooks mini distro label

12 rotting yellow thirst fountains beneath hell autoproduction

13 drahla default parody angeltape captured tracks

14 trauma kit plateau train wrecks take me mishap

15 rndln sasparilla rndln autoproduction

16 radical kitten fake as fuck uppercat hidden bay

17 the menstrual cramps abortion abortion alcopop!

18 daughter of the vine cosmic eye mystic valley pkwy autoproduction

19 soda pop pale was your skin pale was your skin autoproduction

20 billiam something in my head v/a: billiam // revv split 7" goodbye boozy

21 gans harry´s tune harry´s tune hot dawg

22 00_ bath water baby xamount

23 hope + vert:x eye contact hope + vx worst bassist

24 polevaulter industry plant based hang wave autoproduction

25 usa nails cathartic entertainment feel worse one little independent

26 candy kane más profundo más profundo autoproduction

27 rndln today you helped save a child´s life rndln autoproduction

28 radical kitten never on time uppercat hidden bay

Artiste: rndln
Album: rndln
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: radical kitten
Album: uppercat
Label: hidden bay

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