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  EMISSION DU 17/03/2024

Artiste Track Album Label

1 stuck deep tunnel deep tunnel b/w aita? autoproduction

2 crumbs you´re just jealous you´re just jealous skep wax

3 gouge away maybe blue deep sage deathwish

4 jungfrau radiant palace jungfrau slo thee musik

5 objections hymns optimistic sizing wrong speed

6 no phase shifting tired table basse

7 yobs cyanide yobs fuzz club

8 ze wisenheimer half baked ze wisenheimer autoproduction

9 play dead damien hirst stole my art fly on the wall blitzcat

10 mandy high school boyfriend lawn girl exploding in sound

11 joetsu shore we´re back another shore autoproduction

12 drowse and lula asplund hey chicago hey chicago the flenser

13 rendez-vous sheer downcast artefact

14 full nude lesbian antinuclear utopia free nudes autoproduction

15 gouge away overwatering deep sage deathwish

16 jungfrau take me down jungfrau slo thee musik

17 dumbo tracks daughter of flood (feat. rubee fegan) daughter of flood (feat. rubee fegan) bureau b

18 adult human females tuck tuck goose demo lost sound tapes

19 topsy turvy oh so calm! os so calm! siluh

20 the silk railroad cycles future beats autoproduction

21 tim minneci the lumbering apocalypse (pt. i) the lumbering apocalypse reverbose

22 real farmer wayside compare what´s there strap originals

23 pretty dumb scoel @ scarwi park autoproduction

24 haal platform 1, 18:19 back to shilmarine kartel music group

25 earth ball a need to cool down it´s yours upset the rhythm

26 stuy different different autoproduction

27 gouge away newtau deep sage deathwish

28 jungfrau fruehling jungfrau slo thee musik

Artiste: gouge away
Album: deep sage
Label: deathwish

Artiste: jungfrau
Album: jungfrau
Label: slo thee musik

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