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  EMISSION DU 26/03/2006

Artiste Track Album Label

1 gin palace you want it kill-grief artrocker

1 seasick the loser's soliloquy hyeronimus inferno autoproduction

3 jumbo jet (de) falling in love and asleep at the same time jumbo jet finest noise

4 this is your captain speaking henry & maximus storyboard resonant

5 deerhoof wrong time capsule (single version) v/a: rhâââ lovely festival 2006 rhâââ lovely festival

5 charlottefield the eleventh day how long are you staying fat cat

6 the experimental tropic blues band dynamite boogie dynamite boogie autoproduction

6 the electric ladies blues devil (the) red panic autoproduction

6 liars drum and the uncomfortable can drum's not dead mute

6 some tweetlove jean-paul iii cafard mondial matamore

8 carnival in coal delivery day collection prestige earache

8 enregistré par steve albini capitalism the ephemere's worship autoproduction

8 defiance, ohio i don't want solidarity if it means holding hands with you share what ya got gaelou le loulou

8 mute dancefloor maniac v/a: massacrés belges massacrés belges

8 the magnetix fire spirit v/a: salvo of 24 gunshots - a gun club tribute unrecording

8 enregistré par steve albini - (untitled track #6) the ephemeres worship autoproduction

8 this bike is a pipe bomb the black panther song dance party with plant-it x

8 the magnetix growin' up flash 10" yakishana

8 ruins heavy metal medley plaschtom skin graft

8 ghost mice austin to el paso v/a: split cd w/ defiance, ohio plant-it x

8 the magnetix friend of time time after time nasty

8 gi joe female moustache v/a: split cd w/ zaz troglosound

9 loisirs dindon submergé par le sublime rejuvenation

9 grande cobra paper cuts - autoproduction

9 bellini agatha small stones temporary residence limited
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