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  EMISSION DU 11/06/2006

Artiste Track Album Label

1 mclusky whoyouknow mcluskyism too pure

1 mogwai glasgow mega-snake mr beast pias

3 th´faith healers reptile smile peel sessions ba da bing!

4 enablers on monk output negative space neurot

5 viva l´american death ray music! needle to the heart of the matter in the meantime... transsolar

5 the telescopes i fall, she screams taste (reissue 2006) revola

6 the telescopes anticipating nowhere taste (reissue 2006) revola

6 the telescopes silent water taste (reissue 2006) revola

6 ricaine last of the last the clarity of distance ruminance

6 mute dancefloor maniac v/a: massacrés belges - volume i massacrés belges

8 gossip holy water standing in the way of control kill rock stars

8 tang word neckage v/a: bear rock 12ème festival bear rock

8 no-neck blues band the doon qvaris 5rc

8 library tapes cold leaves for the violent ground alone in the bright lights of a shattered life resonant

8 th´faith healers get the f**k out of my face peel sessions ba da bing!

8 sleater-kinney what's mine is yours the woods sub pop

8 p.j. harvey cat on the wall uh huh her island

8 bardo pond flux lapsed matador

8 the beautiful new born children do the do hey people! domino

8 messer chups hexe chips hyena safari solnze

8 roy and the dmc rock'n'roll streetwalker v/a: bear rock 12ème festival bear rock

9 racebannon death valley' 69 v/a: confuse yr idols (a tribute to sonic youth) narnack

9 lawrence wasser disco banana 2 disco banana les disques du succès

9 th´faith healers new number two peel sessions ba da bing!

Artiste: th´faith healers
Album: peel sessions
Label: ba da bing!


Artiste: the telescopes
Album: taste (reissue 2006)
Label: revola
Track(s): i fall, she screams / anticipating nowhere / silent water

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