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  EMISSION DU 09/12/2007

Artiste Track Album Label

1 thurston moore wonderful witches trees outside the academy ecstatic peace

1 the warlocks zombie like lovers heavy deavy skull lover tee pee

3 the suicidal birds no nada versus life tocado

4 on we've got tv on celebrate psiphenomenon

5 the offering your kind wear hoods the offering ep safranin sound

5 heavens to betsy stop me calculated kill rock stars

6 excuse seventeen carson excuse seventeen chainsaw

6 excuse 17 special guest, me such friends are dangerous kill rock stars

6 sunsplit we fall away sing for sunday apollo audio

6 the electric ladies blues the devil red panic autoproduction

8 torpid jee jee fraiseman autoproduction

8 hrsta the orchard ghosts will come and kiss your eyes constellation

8 volt voice fit & well ep07 autoproduction

8 on my head on celebrate psiphenomenon

8 the suicidal birds into the black versus life tocado

8 ill ease power turns me on! all systems a-go-go! cochon

8 scout niblett your last chariot this fool can die now too pure

8 the duke spirit lassoo ex-voto ep you are there

8 pre drool... epic fits skin graft

8 the ex walt's dizzyland dizzy spells ex

8 to kill a petty bourgeoisie the patron the patron kranky

9 the suicidal birds sensible sinners versus life tocado

9 on manawaroa on celebrate psiphenomenon

Artiste: on
Album: on
Label: celebrate psiphenomenon

Artiste: the suicidal birds
Album: versus life
Label: tocado


Artiste: excuse seventeen
Album: excuse seventeen
Label: chainsaw
Track(s): carson

Artiste: excuse 17
Album: such friends are dangerous
Label: kill rock stars
Track(s): special guest, me

Artiste: heavens to betsy
Album: calculated
Label: kill rock stars
Track(s): stop me

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