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  EMISSION DU 13/04/2008

Artiste Track Album Label

1 be your own pet black hole get awkward ecstatic peace!

2 prinzhorn dance school worker prinzhorn dance school dfa

3 three second kiss you are the music long distance africantape

4 a place to bury strangers missing you a place to bury strangers killer pimp

5 charalambides feather in the air likeness kranky

5 doctor and nurse angels fear... - (untitled 2 tracks demo) autoproduction

6 the two tears so pretty little tea simple social graces

6 hara-kiri castration ha-haha the twilight bark

6 vibracathedral orchestra order of the broad eraser wisdom thunderbolt vhf

6 old time relijun indestructible life! catharsis in crisis k

8 the breeders walk it off mountain battles 4ad

8 black francis garbage heap sv n f ng rs cooking vinyl

8 evangelista smooth jazz hello, voyager constellation

8 magik markers axis mundi boss ecstatic peace!

8 three second kiss inexorable sky long distance africantape

8 the tommies somewhere premium draft plonk!

8 the two tears one black glove little tea simple social graces

8 gura muchos machos muertos v/a: gura/marsh harrier/airun split cd autoproduction

8 the kills hook and line midnight boom domino

8 bob log iii clap your tits trike fat possum

8 agatha 16 things i like getting dressed for a death metal party wallace

9 hitch opposites direct trails are ablaze! kinky star

9 neko oskar superstar demo 08 autoproduction

9 three second kiss guess you bless this mess long distance africantape

9 liars freak out liars mute

Artiste: three second kiss
Album: long distance
Label: africantape


Artiste: doctor and nurse
Album: - (untitled 2 tracks demo)
Label: autoproduction
Track(s): angels fear...

Artiste: the two tears
Album: little tea
Label: simple social graces
Track(s): so pretty

Artiste: hara-kiri
Album: ha-haha
Label: the twilight bark
Track(s): castration

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