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  EMISSION DU 27/04/2008

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the fall tommy shooter imperial wax solvent castle

2 magik markers axis mundi boss ecstatic peace!

3 plate six as the pinson turns battles hymns for a new republic one little indian

4 edible woman nothing the scum album psychotica

5 evangelista truth is dark like outer space hello, voyager constellation

5 white hills eternity heads on fire rocket

6 get the people bodies get the people ruminance

6 frank shinobi frank shinobi hôtesse de l'air ibonishkanrf s.a.m.

6 blood red shoes doens't matter much box of secrets v2

6 prinzhorn dance school hamworthy sports and leisure centre prinzhorn dance school dfa

8 the breeders overglazed mountain battles 4ad

8 scout niblett your last chariot this fool can die now too pure

8 stars of the lid dungtitled (in a major) and their refinement of the decline kranky

8 sleeping people james sprader growing temporary residence limited

8 gregor samsa the adolescent rest own

8 plate six concrete mouth of safety battles hymns for a new republic one little indian

8 the razorblades fasten seatbelts get cut by the razorblades surf waves

8 three second kiss inexorable woman long distance africantape

8 the incredible mr. smith groovy chick adventures in the land of twang general schallplatten

8 edgar (animo) nous esturgeons tendre savane autoproduction

8 rencontrez l´amour dirty sanchez born of punk and reverb emma

9 bruital orgasme bad afternoon for the cook bon appétit autoproduction

9 x-ray vision under the livingdead's attack demo 07 autoproduction

9 forest yell chi spare ora ore démo autoproduction

9 the coffin daggers something wicked this way come out of limits ep urko

9 ultraphallus where it grows the clever (pre-mastering version) autoproduction

9 plate six the unmoved mover battles hymns for a new republic one little indian

Artiste: plate six
Album: battles hymns for a new republic
Label: one little indian

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