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  EMISSION DU 26/10/2008

Artiste Track Album Label

1 motorama we are here, we are hungry psychotronic is the beat! radiation

2 agatha march, 1st, 2005 greetings from s.sg wallace

3 deerhoof the tears and music of love offend maggie kill rock stars

4 lite ef phantasia transduction

5 beatglider your fingers bright witches enraptured

5 next exit to nowhere the tiger and the zucchini the tiger and the zucchini interstellar

6 swell tell us all south of the rain & snow talitres

6 monotonix deadly weapon monotonix autoproduction

6 the new year folios the new year touch and go

6 deerhoof eaguru guru offend maggie kill rock stars

8 experience des héros nous (en) sommes encore là boxson

8 mokronog mc le chien explosif zlatorog autoproduction

8 dd/mm/yyyy white lines are they masks? we are busy bodies

8 petula clarck italian ode aye aye aye none

8 kate mosh amourette amourette ep noisolution

8 chewbacca chew japan rec autoproduction

8 el dinah trigger logger v/a: split w/ petula clarck & graffen volder black bunter

8 junius cargo

8 experience ils sont devenus fous nous (en) sommes encore là boxson

8 pneumatic head compressor fear manifesto from freddy to lemmy urgence disk

8 kehlvin

9 deerhoof jagged fruit offend maggie kill rock stars

Artiste: deerhoof
Album: offend maggie
Label: kill rock stars

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