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  EMISSION DU 23/11/2008

Artiste Track Album Label

1 motorama we are here, we are hungry psychotronic is the beat! radiation

2 the black angels 18 years directions on how to see a ghost light in the attic

3 vivian girls all the time vivian girls in the red

4 deerhunter vox celeste weird era cont. 4ad

5 doctor and nurse the sleeper me(n)tal hospital autoproduction

5 killer bananazzz aloha mora frutti di mare ocean rules

6 dd/mm/yyyy imagine! are they masks? we are busy bodies

6 agatha 16 things i like getting dressed for a death metal party wallace

6 mika miko frisko dyke 666 kill rock stars

6 the battle of land and sea saltwater queen the battle of land and sea notenuf

8 the dirtbombs it's not fun until they see you cry we have you surrounded in the red

8 grey daturas demarcation disputes / unity return to disruption neurot

8 deerhoof fresh born offend maggie kill rock stars

8 jucifer armada l'autrichienne relapse

8 vivian girls where do you run to vivian girls in the red

8 the plastic strawberries need stitches ready for... coma girl autoproduction

8 shit and shine practicing to be a doctor jealous of shit and shine riot season

8 lightning bolt riff wraiths hypermagic mountain load

8 yellow6 katarinahissen when leaves fall like snow make nine music

8 vivian girls i believe in nothing vivian girls in the red

8 enablers the destruction most of all tundra majic wallet

Artiste: vivian girls
Album: vivian girls
Label: in the red

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