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  EMISSION DU 08/03/2009

Artiste Track Album Label

1 agaskodo teliverek bamayashi ege psycho goulash midfinger

2 duflan duflan la figa electronica pazuzu rockerill

3 hitch art nouveau! clair obscur vlas vegas

4 mono the battle to heaven hymn to the immortal wind conspiracy

5 miss ludella black and the masonics don't you walk away from me from this witness stand damaged goods

5 don vito frisbee loser don vito i tremor panda

6 don vito electric mayhem don vito iii gaffer

6 don vito grausiger fund don vito iii gaffer

6 grails doomsdayer's holiday doomsdayer's holiday temporary residence limited

6 pentark parbleu ha ha ha! spank me more

8 casse brique flip flap glumor honest house

8 the plastic strawberries need stitches ready for... coma girl autoproduction

8 hitch chocking on air clair obscur vlas vegas

8 lili z only you and i the two of us in the red

8 aqua nebula oscillator flying mountain under the moon of aqua nebula oscillator pan european

8 matt elliott the kübler-ross model howling songs ici d'ailleurs

8 keiki a girl called healed waltham holy cross (advanced) autoproduction

8 hitch dirty trixxxxxxx clair obscur vlas vegas

8 agaskodo teliverek satyricana psycho goulash midfinger

Artiste: hitch
Album: clair obscur
Label: vlas vegas


Artiste: don vito
Album: don vito iii
Label: gaffer
Track(s): electric mayhem / grausiger fund

Artiste: don vito
Album: don vito i
Label: tremor panda
Track(s): frisbee loser

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