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  EMISSION DU 20/06/2010

Artiste Track Album Label

1 action beat high action the noise band from bletchley truth cult

2 quasi repulsion american gong kill rock stars

3 drunkdriver choking hazard drunkdriver load

4 year of no light perséphone i ausserwelt conspiracy

5 part chimp ffff thriller rock action

5 indian jewelry lapis lazuli totaled we are free

6 backwater start angels are cool ché

6 backwater magic place angels are cool ché

6 backwater didactic no angels are cool ché

6 gordz mecca super 100% ruminance

8 el dinah mortarshell esperento autoproduction

8 drunkdriver half mast drunkdriver load

8 year of no light perséphone ii ausserwelt conspiracy

8 usssy ioann grozni oko r.a.i.g.

8 the dead weather no horse sea of cowards third man

8 xbxrx childhoods un usper autoproduction

8 frank shinobi la marque du prophète a little less more honest house

8 serena-maneesh honey jinx s-m 2: abyss in b minor 4ad

8 baby fire i love to cook - autoproduction

8 next exit to nowhere william kinnimond burton remember autoproduction

9 drunkdriver quality of my life drunkdriver load

9 year of no light hierophante ausserwelt conspiracy

Artiste: year of no light
Album: ausserwelt
Label: conspiracy

Artiste: drunkdriver
Album: drunkdriver
Label: load

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