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  EMISSION DU 12/09/2010

Artiste Track Album Label

1 quickspace happy song number one supospot kitty kitty corporation

2 tv ghost the singularity cold fish in the red

3 the black angels bad vibrations phosphene dream blue horizon

4 castus homard madona matamore

5 foxes in boxes archavin better beheaded honest house

5 action beat safe the noise band from bletchley truth cult

6 casse brique toucan le sodome v/a: get spanked #2 spank me more

6 the telescopes forever close your eyes v/a: split 7" flexidisc w/ loop cheree

6 the telescopes 7th disaster 7th disaster cheree

6 the telescopes to kill a slow girl walking to kill a slow girl walking cheree

8 atari teenage riot deutschland has got to die 1992-2000 digital hardcore

8 godspeed you! black emperor 09-15-00 yanqui u.x.o. constellation

8 the black angels river of blood phosphene dream blue horizon

8 bellini room number five small stones temporary residence limited

8 christophe battus and christine sehnaoui abdelnour voies et allures ichnites potlatch

8 part chimp trad thriller rock action

8 raxinasky the antipopal acoustical day autoproduction

8 liturgy ecstatic rite renihilation 20 buck spin

8 pokemachine

8 horacio pollard

9 los tiki phantoms guatiki regresan de la tumba bcore

9 talibam! ordination of the globetrotting conscripts ordination of the globetrotting conscripts azul discográfica

9 sister iodine

9 the black angels the sniper phosphene dream blue horizon

Artiste: the black angels
Album: phosphene dream
Label: blue horizon

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