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  EMISSION DU 13/03/2011

Artiste Track Album Label

1 gone bald christmas song waiting it out narrominded

2 no joy hawaii ghost blonde mexican summer

3 poino previous he moan loose horse arm

4 sonic youth les anges au piano simon werner a disparu syr

5 folded shirt always born that way folded shirt fashionable idiots

5 magnetix hta-tnt positively negative born bad

6 beaches new knowledge eternal sphere mexican summer

6 part chimp crash the high octave cup monitor

6 part chimp miser chimp cup monitor

6 part chimp new cross cup monitor

8 vivian girls sixteen ways share the joy polyvinyl

8 taïfun cosmic chain trondheim honest house

8 sonic youth dans les bois / m. rabier simon werner a disparu syr

8 poino strength of a cowboy moan loose horse arm

8 baby fire fingers no fear cheap satanism

8 big sexy noise your love don´t pay my rent big sexy noise sartorial

8 bardo pond lord of light v/a: in search of hawkwind critical mass

8 mute air postrectum autoproduction

8 poino sex pesto moan loose horse arm

8 sonic youth thème d´alice simon werner a disparu syr

Artiste: poino
Album: moan loose
Label: horse arm

Artiste: sonic youth
Album: simon werner a disparu
Label: syr

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