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  EMISSION DU 03/04/2011

Artiste Track Album Label

1 enablers tundra tundra majic wallet

2 the magnetix horror chalet you are the one, baby evilution

3 mugstar technical knowledge as a weapon ...sun, broken... important

4 x´s for i´s pac gravity wins again autoproduction

5 dum dum girls he gets me high he gets me high ep sub pop

5 the raveonettes ignite raven in the grave vice

6 l´enfance rouge nada, nothing, niente, gar nicht, rien bar-bari wallace

6 caravels girth impression caravels 7" topshelf

6 cop warmth positive vibe die slow autoproduction

6 blurt cut it! cut it! les temps modernes

8 scout niblett just do it the calcination of scout niblett drag city

8 x´s for i´s snitches and thieves gravity wins again autoproduction

8 mugstar ouroboros ...sun, broken... important

8 sonic youth les anges au piano simon werner a disparu syr

8 earth descent to the zenith angels of darkness, demons of light i southern lord

8 pneu highway to health highway to health head

8 brain f# symptom set so dim 7" grave mistake

8 baby fire fingers no fear cheap satanism

8 cercueil known to none erostrate le son du maquis

8 x´s for i´s gravity wins again gravity wins again autoproduction

9 mugstar furklausundbo ...sun, broken... important

Artiste: x´s for i´s
Album: gravity wins again
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: mugstar
Album: ...sun, broken...
Label: important


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