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  EMISSION DU 09/10/2011

Artiste Track Album Label

1 true widow nh as high as the highest heavens and from the center to the circumference of the earth kemado

2 cellos the greys bomb shelter autoproduction

3 peter kernel anthem of hearts white death black heart africantape

4 evangelista artificial lamb in animal tongue constellation

5 diet cokeheads gay goters ocular 7" vinyl rites

5 sister iodine chromata vein flame desastre premier sang

6 zun zun egui praise the waterfall kass to la sènn rise

6 berline0.33 angst planned obsolescence katatak

6 singapore sling freaks never forever outlier

6 lucievacarme superstar milkyway lithium

8 lucievacarme kelly kiss milkyway lithium

8 lucievacarme longue vie milkyway lithium

8 the ratzingers (i´m so) fucking hostile the ratzingers autoproduction

8 evangelista in animal tongue in animal tongue constellation

8 peter kernel panico! this is love! white death black heart africantape

8 barn owl infinite reach shadowland thrill jockey

8 ultraphallus right models sowberry hagan riot season

8 white hills the condition of nothing h-p1 thrill jockey

8 petula clarck klakoklak aye-aye-aye none

8 evangelista die alone in animal tongue constellation

9 peter kernel the captain´s drunk! white death black heart africantape

Artiste: peter kernel
Album: white death black heart
Label: africantape

Artiste: evangelista
Album: in animal tongue
Label: constellation

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