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  EMISSION DU 23/10/2011

Artiste Track Album Label

1 rapeman kim gordon´s panties two nuns and a pack mule touch and go

2 enablers no, not gently blown realms and stalled explosions exile on mainstream

3 satanized arnaud de verniolle technical virginity skin graft

4 ed wood jr babtrip silence swarm

5 pink playground ten ten b/w come find me downards

5 the liminanas af3458 af3458 sdz

6 zoft marque blanche electrically haunted humpty dumpty

6 amute fast forward the past (with offthesky) black diamond blues humpty dumpty

6 microwaves r.v.i.s. beholder 7" thunderhaus

6 slipstream give it some time side effects ché

8 slipstream hometown side effects ché

8 slipstream i saw your face side effects ché

8 the ex 24 problems catch my shoe ex

8 satanized the rites of sodomy technical virginity skin graft

8 ed wood jr walkwoman silence swarm

8 omega massif steirnernes meer karpatia denovali

8 liars the overachievers sisterworld mute

8 dum dum girls always looking only in dreams sub pop

8 divorce dildine wet bandit 7" gravy

8 mugstar today is the wrong shape ...sun, broken... important

9 satanized pain is my barometer technical virginity skin graft

9 ed wood jr it in ut silence swarm

9 peter kernel we´re not gonna be the same again white death black heart africantape

Artiste: satanized
Album: technical virginity
Label: skin graft

Artiste: ed wood jr
Album: silence
Label: swarm

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