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  EMISSION DU 11/12/2011

Artiste Track Album Label

1 piano chat ours molaire ours molaire kythibong

2 blowhole experiment #1 experiment #1 (7") cooler king

3 brain f# v-2 sleep rough grave mistake

4 that fucking tank tft tft obscene baby auction

5 wooden shjips crossing west thrill jockey

5 pterodactyl aphasia spills out jagjaguwar

6 pink playground never was destination ecstasy mexican summer

6 the the fall greenway ersatz g.b. cherry red

6 great falls horsefeet coextinction release 10 coextinction

6 sugar plant drifting after after hours world domination

8 sugar plant i hate morning after after hours world domination

8 sugar plant brazil after after hours world domination

8 racebannon thee brother six sik sisters tizona

8 that fucking tank wonderful world of tft obscene baby auction

8 brain f# hand´s in the jar sleep rough grave mistake

8 mogwai drunk and crazy earth division ep rock action

8 oneohtrix point never andro replica mexican summer

8 thee oh sees carrion crawler carrion crawler/the dream in the red

8 the men problems/burning up immaculada deranged

8 barn owl the darkest night since 1683 lost in the glare thrill jockey

9 duchess says mayakovsky in a fung day t! alien8

9 drums are for parades i´m not who you think we are master skeleton ears

9 idiot prayer bailterspace falconer muzai

9 thurston moore boogie y v/a: talk normal/thurston moore split fast weapons

9 that fucking tank threads tft obscene baby auction

9 brain f# no more/more sleep rough grave mistake

Artiste: brain f#
Album: sleep rough
Label: grave mistake

Artiste: that fucking tank
Album: tft
Label: obscene baby auction

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