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  EMISSION DU 25/12/2011

Artiste Track Album Label

1 duchess says mayakovsky in a fung day t! alien8

2 brilliant colors hey dan again and again slumberland

3 psychic ills incense head hazed dreams sacred bones

4 wooden shjips black smoke rise west thrill jockey

5 the men problems/burning up immaculada deranged

5 pygmy shrews fuck the law you people can all go straight to hell jack shack

6 the workhouse paper plane the end of the pier bearos

6 the oscillation fall veils all time low

6 the megaphonic thrift queen of noise decay decoy sonic unyon

6 aqua nebula oscillator i don´t care under the moon of ... pan european

8 duchess says gainsbourg in a fung day t! alien8

8 brilliant colors painting truths again and again slumberland

8 lite duck follows an eccentric for all the innocence i want the moon

8 white hills paradise h-p1 thrill jockey

8 seefeel sway seefeel warp

8 hey colossus teased from the nest rrr riot season

8 omega massif steinernes meer karpatia denovali

8 kylesa unknown awareness static tensions prosthetic

8 frigo tacyte vive le vent frigo tacyte ep htk

Artiste: duchess says
Album: in a fung day t!
Label: alien8

Artiste: brilliant colors
Album: again and again
Label: slumberland

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