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  EMISSION DU 22/04/2012

Artiste Track Album Label

1 mugstar ouroboros ...sun, broken... important

2 arctique circles when you sleep golden gloom autoproduction

3 terry malts no sir, i´m not a christian killing time slumberland

4 adolina a year of mondays caldeira a tant rêver du roi

5 bad drugs red violator raw powder rotted tooth

5 in zaire owl´s path in zaire holidays

6 trash kit cadets trash kit upset the rhythm

6 fiend 1 ghost kanal caledonian ghotic god bless

6 fiend 2 testimony caledonian cosmic god bless

6 fiend 3 kurz caledonian mystic god bless

8 dÿse treppe lieder sind brüder der revolution exile on mainstream

8 michel cloup (duo) le cercle parfait notre silence mc disques

8 per purpose pregnant again implicating more than one bedroom suck

8 adolina less is more caldeira a tant rêver du roi

8 terry malts waiting room killing time slumberland

8 arrowounds horse phantoms spring sessions autoproduction

8 the experimental tropic blues band the best burger liquid love jaune orange

8 whore paint fuck you i´m dead menarchy 7" anchor brain

8 adolina worm´s riot caldeira a tant rêver du roi

8 terry malts no big deal killing time slumberland

Artiste: adolina
Album: caldeira
Label: a tant rêver du roi

Artiste: terry malts
Album: killing time
Label: slumberland


Artiste: fiend 1
Album: caledonian ghotic
Label: god bless
Track(s): ghost kanal

Artiste: fiend 2
Album: caledonian cosmic
Label: god bless
Track(s): testimony

Artiste: fiend 3
Album: caledonian mystic
Label: god bless
Track(s): kurz

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