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  EMISSION DU 13/05/2012

Artiste Track Album Label

1 united fruit kamikaze fault lines uf

2 dark times he´s a slut dark times tape ormeyngel

3 facel vega living dead the body art for blind

4 prinzhorn dance school usurper clay class dfa

5 piatcions sleepless senseless sense i blame the parents

5 a whisper in the noise a sea estranged us to forget exile on mainstream

6 mugstar today is the wrong shape ...sun, broken... important

6 joy as a toy dead as a dodo dead as a dodo cheap satanism

6 belleclose businessman stories untold autoproduction

6 blockshot soundproof envision f-spin

8 the underground youth addiction low slow needle flower power

8 berline0.33 anaesthesia planned obsolescence katatak

8 facel vega car crash the body art for blind

8 tire-bouschtroumpf & schtroumpf-bouffon tribatralité la trilogie africaine autoproduction

8 tire-bouschtroumpf & schtroumpf-bouffon blanche neige la trilogie des héros de l´enfance aut

8 tire-bouschtroumpf & schtroumpf-bouffon straight one tire-bouschtroumpf & schtroumpf-bouffon autoproduction

8 planet x snuff quantum inside out music

8 wovenhand the threshingfloor the threshingfloor glitterhouse

8 aka moon aka moves aka moon carbon 7

8 shellac elephant excellent italian greyhound touch and go

9 jing chi chi town 3d mascot

9 the ex huriyet turn ex

9 facel vega beyond the laws the body art for blind

Artiste: facel vega
Album: the body
Label: art for blind

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