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  EMISSION DU 30/09/2012

Artiste Track Album Label

1 cave wuj neverendless drag city

2 no joy smiley face negaverse ep mexican summer

3 shiny penny pickin a fight dawn striker!!!! autoproduction

4 big fiction fake cholo prison van the ghost is clear

5 sister slacks clockwork with a saw autoproduction

5 horson scotland forever demo 2012 honest house

6 cut teeth desert vines televandalism topshelf

6 philaretordre la tête de cheval philaretordre perkunowa

6 deerhoof there´s that grin breakup song polyvinyl

6 lumerians untitled 1 transmissions from the telos vol. iv permanent

8 torpa president x neu division autoproduction

8 uzeda wailing stella touch and go

8 shiny penny big morons dawn striker!!!! autoproduction

8 big fiction tropical locals prison van the ghost is clear

8 cannibales & vahinés rid nowhere tractor notown

8 mombu regla de ocha zombie subsound

8 tomorrow we sail for rosa for rosa ep autoproduction

8 shades of the sun so long - autoproduction

8 fieldhead opened window riser gizeh

8 sleepingdog from where it was with our heads in the clouds and our hearts in the fields gizeh

9 detwiije would you rather be followed by forty ducks for the rest of your life? would you rather be followed by forty ducks for the rest of your life? gizeh

9 big fiction vacation maximus prison van the ghost is clear

9 shiny penny yr a wimp imma chump dawn striker!!!! autoproduction

Artiste: shiny penny
Album: dawn striker!!!!
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: big fiction
Album: prison van
Label: the ghost is clear

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