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  EMISSION DU 14/10/2012

Artiste Track Album Label

1 mugstar today is the wrong shape ...sun, broken... important

2 circassian eastern patterns procrastinational spinalongo

3 joint d# poison i strike gently sorry state

4 zulus surgery zulus aagoo

5 black kites you turn the last three songs autoproduction

5 doomsday student her hairy graveyard a jumper´s handbook anchor brain

6 a winged victory for the sullen we played some open chords and rejoiced, for the earth had circled the sun yet another year a winged victory for the sullen kranky

6 flipo mancini she´s strong get it some more labelman

6 cannibales & vahinés strange fruit nowhere tractor notown

6 joint d# (i´m) haunted strike gently sorry state

8 zulus kisses zulus aagoo

8 tg gondard reste là the silent one ep young girls

8 él-g - (untitled track #2) derprediger young girls

8 alex valz love noah young girls

8 arklight reasons why in a blast furnace temptation catalyst young girls

8 maurizio bianchi - (untitled track #2) erthion young girls

8 window´s bath solid soil memory gutfuck young girls

8 gregory duby - (untitled track #1) lorsque les hommes épouseront des anges young girls

8 yannick franck the staircase continuum the staircase continuum young girls

8 joint d# strike gently strike gently sorry state

9 zulus death in the current zulus aagoo

Artiste: zulus
Album: zulus
Label: aagoo

Artiste: joint d#
Album: strike gently
Label: sorry state


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