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  EMISSION DU 23/12/2012

Artiste Track Album Label

1 bardo pond the cawl yntra latitudes

2 dark times girl hate girl hate fysisk format

3 topsy the great lalboom steffald from scratch

4 flavor crystals cow in the meadow three mpls ltd

5 mirroring fell sound foreign body kranky

5 psychic ills take me with you moon duo/psychic ills split 7-inch sacred bones

6 she ripped ultra-social happy man ultra-social happy man prf

6 men of good fortune girl scum of middle england mind control i blame the parents

6 slut river no need off white autoproduction

6 swirlies bell blonder tongue audio baton taang!

8 swirlies jeremy parker blonder tongue audio baton taang!

8 swirlies park the car by the side of the road blonder tongue audio baton taang!

8 cellos the new religion the accident ah some

8 topsy the great micizzo steffald from scratch

8 flavor crystals broadcaster three mpls ltd

8 the telescopes black eyed dog black eyed dog trensmat

8 draliensmith connective tissue under songs autoproduction

8 la sera break my heart sees the light hardly art

8 obnox without a soul purple reign negative guest list

8 the maxines drugstore drugstore ep k

9 the box the door the box 7" plastic spoons

9 stereo total qu´est-ce que tu veux? cactus versus brezel staatsakt

9 braille hong kong means freedom braille autoproduction

9 jesus is my son mieux vaut se mentir et être heureux 1914-1918 ff hhh

9 topsy the great giangol steffald from scratch

9 flavor crystals sultan´s order three mpls ltd

9 lange jojo juul cesar juul cesar vogue

Artiste: topsy the great
Album: steffald
Label: from scratch

Artiste: flavor crystals
Album: three
Label: mpls ltd


Artiste: swirlies
Album: blonder tongue audio baton
Label: taang!
Track(s): bell / jeremy parker / park the car by the side of the road

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