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  EMISSION DU 23/01/2005

Artiste Track Album Label

1 parts & labor sugar kane v/a: confuse yr idols (a tribute to sonic youth) narnack

1 scarling band aid covers the bullet hole sweet heart dealer sympathy for the record industry

1 the workhouse ice cream van the end of the pier bearos

4 holly golightly the luckiest girl slowly but surely damaged goods

5 mclusky that man will not hang the difference between me and you is that i?m not on fire too pure

5 ikara colt motorway modern apprentice fantastic plastic

6 hope of the states the black amnesias the lost riots sony

6 dinosaur jr start choppin where you been blanco y negro

6 sebadoh mean distance smash your head on the punk rock sub pop

6 dinosaur jr get me mtv sessions 1993 white label

8 arbol raquel arbol indus sonica

8 growing anaheim ii the soul of the rainbow and the harmony of light kranky

8 the raveonettes new york was great chain gang of love sony

8 skywave angela's an angel synthstatic alison

8 polysics lookin' lookin' gaa polysics or die!!!! sur la plage

8 the fall totally wired live in london 1980 - the legendary chaos tape (reissue 2004) castle

8 paik jayne field satin black strange attractors audio house

8 the album leaf window in a safe place city slang

8 lovesliescrushing glixen voirshn projekt

8 the experimental tropic blues band dynamite boogie dynamite boogie jaune orange

8 kimya dawson fire hidden vagenda k

8 sincabesa sans titre préproduction de l'album à venir sincabesa

8 ocre villa deriva twin powers ii (split album w/ ethyleen leiding) partycul systems

9 hot snakes audit in progress audit in progress swami

9 air formation full flight stay inside / feel everything clairecords

Artiste: dinosaur jr
Album: where you been
Label: blanco y negro
Track(s): start choppin

Artiste: sebadoh
Album: smash your head on the punk rock
Label: sub pop
Track(s): mean distance

Artiste: dinosaur jr
Album: mtv sessions 1993
Label: white label
Track(s): get me

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