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  EMISSION DU 14/04/2013

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the kvb shadows immaterial visions cititrax

2 psy ants spike bit tongue prik vacant valley

3 thee oh sees i come from the mountain floating coffin castle face

4 dreamdecay nveedle nvnvnv iron lung

5 labirinto piam ket kadjwynh dissendo

5 laetitia sheriff urbanism where´s my i.d.? impersonal freedom

6 bedroom eyes soggy what are you wrong with autoproduction

6 siamese queens animal youth rehearsal sessions ep autoproduction

6 point breeze saul armchair activist autoproduction

6 golden gurls uphill fight typo magic damnably

8 japandroids the boys are leaving town post-nothing polyvinyl

8 japandroids wet hair post-nothing polyvinyl

8 japandroids i quit girls post-nothing polyvinyl

8 dreamdecay ceilinvg fan nvnvnv iron lung

8 thee oh sees night crawler floating coffin castle face

8 bathernay love untitled one godhatesgod

8 stereo total qu´est-ce que tu veux? cactus versus brezel staatsakt

8 fantasy gratitude to real.. autoproduction

8 nü sensae eat your mind sundowning suicide squeeze

8 dharma dogs deep wound drown kitschy manitou

9 the dead c eusa kills v/a: the dead c vs rangda (split) ba da bing !

9 dreamdecay emptynv nvnvnv iron lung

9 thee oh sees minotaur floating coffin castle face

Artiste: thee oh sees
Album: floating coffin
Label: castle face

Artiste: dreamdecay
Album: nvnvnv
Label: iron lung


Artiste: japandroids
Album: post-nothing
Label: polyvinyl
Track(s): the boys are leaving town / wet hair / i quit girls

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