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  EMISSION DU 02/02/2014

Artiste Track Album Label

1 shannon wright noise parade in film sound vicious circle

2 man or astro-man? disintegrate defcon 5...4...3...2...1 communicating vessels

3 cellular chaos barely regal cellular chaos ugexplode

4 honeyfrequency heart is a coward, but my sorrow is brave waiting for lithuanian guy autoproduction

5 brame malebête la nuit, des charrues autoproduction

5 eric in the kitchen a heart of clouds and stars a heart of clouds and stars tape safe

6 brighter arrows vangelis china dreamliner i.corrupt

6 ox4 vending machines dana benchmark

6 ox4 say anything dana benchmark

6 ox4 your eyes ox4 benchmark

8 la misma guerras silenciosas la misma toxic state

8 cellular chaos repeat cellular chaos ugexplode

8 honeyfrequency do we want some porridge? (it´s more intelligent than it´s supposed to be) waiting for lithuanian guy autoproduction

8 ovo harmonica macrocosmica abisso supernatural cat

8 whisper room 3 birch white elevation

8 staer daughters i daughters gaffer

8 batalj oh man oh god oh man oh god batalj autoproduction

8 stnnng long middle empire inward rejuvenation

8 shub in the mudland i live the snake, the goose and the ladder rejuvenation

9 zolle weetellah zolle supernatural cat

9 henry blacker pullin´like a dray hungry dogs will eat dirty puddings riot season

9 people of north drama class sub contra thrill jockey

9 cellular chaos chinese new year cellular chaos ugexplode

9 honeyfrequency secret lovely thought about other land which can be made from this one waiting for lithuanian guy autoproduction

Artiste: honeyfrequency
Album: waiting for lithuanian guy
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: cellular chaos
Album: cellular chaos
Label: ugexplode


Artiste: ox4
Album: dana
Label: benchmark
Track(s): vending machines / say anything

Artiste: ox4
Album: ox4
Label: benchmark
Track(s): your eyes

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