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  EMISSION DU 23/02/2014

Artiste Track Album Label

1 new bleeders blockhead new bleeders autoproduction

2 la verkin the darkness judge the judger autoproduction

3 big ups body parts eighteen hours of static dead labour

4 haunted horses the moons march watcher autoproduction

5 the low frequency in stereo elevated/desecrated pop obskura long branch

5 spectrum razzle dazzle mind war sucks ep mind expansion

6 tera melos slimed x´ed out sargent house

6 magnetix time after time you are the one, baby evilution

6 18th dye text is my killer amorine queen crunchy frog

6 lydia lunch burning skulls retrovirus ugexplode

8 sex snobs sick as a dog lonely autoproduction

8 haunted horses lumenance watcher autoproduction

8 big ups wool eighteen hours of static dead labour

8 johann johannsson 10 rokkstig dis 12 tonar

8 apparat organ quartet cruise control apparat organ quartet 12 tonar

8 lost in hildurness floods mount a 12 tonar

8 skuli sverisson geistar hennar seria 12 tonar

8 ulpa dinzl - -

8 ulpa sexy dick - -

9 rökkurro i annan heim i annan heim 12 tonar

9 mugison sea y lonely mountain 12 tonar

9 reiziger the fellowship the kitten becomes a tiger genet

9 it it anita mountaain it it anita honest house

9 big ups fresh meat eighteen hours of static dead labour

9 haunted horses the animist in the gallery of muses watcher autoproduction

Artiste: haunted horses
Album: watcher
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: big ups
Album: eighteen hours of static
Label: dead labour

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