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  EMISSION DU 27/04/2014

Artiste Track Album Label

1 swingers kowboy swingers autoproduction

2 bardos meat heart sad fucks/meat heart autoproduction

3 aerofall i turned a blind eye aerofall hands and moment

4 fake limbs hairwrecker the power of patrician upbringing blvd

5 räpe blossoms hungry wolves starving vultures at 7-eleven vlas vegas

5 die! die! die! sister - autoproduction

6 bateleuse 17 ans ruine et ravins katacorp

6 xavier dubois the creased mirror sunset gluts humpty dumpty

6 sannhet still breathing known flood sacrament music

6 bardo pond fox shone like a ton (reissue) three lobed

8 zu silent weapons for quiet wars goodnight, civilization trost

8 aerofall nice aerofall hands and moment

8 fake limbs integument the power of patrician upbringing blvd

8 the hunt fifteen minutes the hunt begins sacred bones

8 cult of youth the pole star cult of youth sacred bones

8 13th chime dug up the singles sacred bones

8 naked on the vague clock of 12´s twelve dark noons sacred bones

8 nice face i want your damage immer etwas sacred bones

8 led er est kaiyo maru the driver sacred bones

9 david lynch star dream girl the big dream sacred bones

9 case studies dagger the world is just a shape to fill the night sacred bones

9 destruction unit slow death sounds deep trip sacred bones

9 moon duo killing time killing time ep sacred bones

9 human eye alien creeps they came from the sky sacred bones

9 fake limbs kill the mouth the power of patrician upbringing blvd

9 aerofall april aerofall hands and moment

Artiste: fake limbs
Album: the power of patrician upbringing
Label: blvd

Artiste: aerofall
Album: aerofall
Label: hands and moment

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