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  EMISSION DU 20/02/2005

Artiste Track Album Label

1 rtx limozine transmaniacon drag city

1 the ecstasy of saint theresa square wave 13 years in noises cherry red

1 motormark we are the public chrome tape digital hardcore

4 six.by seven ocean :04 saturday night sunday morning

5 the dead texan l'aco me manque dead texan (the) kranky

5 lou barlow and his sentridoh forever instant 23 songs city slang

6 the folk implosion serge one part lullaby domino

6 jason loewenstein codes at sixes and sevens domino

6 skywave nothing left to say synthstatic alison

6 hollowphonic no promises majestic pharmasound

8 washdown bad connection w/ a lover yes to everything lookout!

8 the martinis flyer smitten cooking vinyl

8 k eunuk k autoproduction

8 motormark eat drink sleep think chrome tape digital hardcore

8 explosions in the sky home friday night lights (original motion picture soundtrack) hip-o

8 corker conboy can of worms (opened up by xela) six for five vertical form

8 le tigre seconds this island universal

8 gravy train!!!! ghosts boobs v/a: tracks and fields kill rock stars

8 atombombpocketknife gold leaf lack and pattern file 13

8 and you will know us by the trail of dead caterwaul worlds apart interscope

8 motormark anti-me chrome tape digital hardcore

Artiste: motormark
Album: chrome tape
Label: digital hardcore


Artiste: lou barlow and his sentridoh
Album: 23 songs
Label: city slang
Track(s): forever instant

Artiste: jason loewenstein
Album: at sixes and sevens
Label: domino
Track(s): codes

Artiste: the folk implosion
Album: one part lullaby
Label: domino
Track(s): serge


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