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  EMISSION DU 25/05/2014

Artiste Track Album Label

1 peter kernel the peaceful white death black heart africantape

2 flesh world sturdy swiss hiker flesh world la vida es un mus

3 dasmodell human label dasmodell shove

4 roku music collider collider sonic masala

5 kigo close (enough to kiss) close (enough to kiss) autoproduction

5 tang to wake up with a broken heart dynamite drug diamond twist and shout

6 life savings heydays and maydays endings narrominded

6 condominium carl carl sub pop

6 damaged bug sic bay surprise hubba bubba castle face

6 thee oh sees penetrating eye drop castle face

8 cruising you made me do that you made me do that soft power

8 white manna ascension dune worship holy mountain

8 sister iodine ø blame premier sang

8 dasmodell robots dasmodell shove

8 roku music gold collider sonic masala

8 puin + hoop er zit er zit een gat in de soep narrominded

8 grass is green big dog tee shirt birthday weekend vacation vinny exploding in sound

8 man or astro-man? defcon 5 defcon 5...4...3...2...1 communicating vessels

8 blacklisters trickfuck blklstrs brew

9 buildings because it doesn´t matter it doesn´t matter riot house

9 föllakzoid trees (moon duo remix) ii rmx bym

9 bulbul kanzla hirn fein hacken exile on mainstream

9 dasmodell see you on the track dasmodell shove

9 roku music ended collider sonic masala

Artiste: dasmodell
Album: dasmodell
Label: shove

Artiste: roku music
Album: collider
Label: sonic masala

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