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  EMISSION DU 08/06/2014

Artiste Track Album Label

1 priests right wing bodies and control and money and power don giovanni

2 playlounge waves and waves and waves pilot dog knights productions

3 microwaves holy week regurgitant phenomena new atlantis

4 valerinne golden hour/blue hour arborescent autoproduction

5 breve she gets around broke generation ep autoproduction

5 the citradels all things droned and rethroned autoproduction

6 viva cats! fuck attack toutes griffes dehors autoproduction

6 lleroy soma soma autoproduction

6 ten volt shock destrincly electric strasbourg gunner

6 fucked up i wanna be a yank year of the dragon tankcrimes

8 peach kelli pop mindreader mindreader/surfing everyday 7" porchcore

8 eternal summers 100 the drop beneath kanine

8 microwaves your last nerve regurgitant phenomena new atlantis

8 valerinne the only ghost i ever saw arborescent autoproduction

8 bardo pond here come the warm jets looking for another place fire

8 dead air sinkhole dead air load

8 archie bronson outfit two doves on a lake wild crush

8 poino lazy biotic bon ick voyeur horse arm

8 hint unlocked wu-wei kshantu

9 microwaves clone parade regurgitant phenomena new atlantis

9 valerinne atonement arborescent autoproduction

Artiste: valerinne
Album: arborescent
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: microwaves
Album: regurgitant phenomena
Label: new atlantis


Artiste: lleroy
Album: soma
Label: autoproduction
Track(s): soma

Artiste: viva cats!
Album: toutes griffes dehors
Label: autoproduction
Track(s): fuck attack

Artiste: ten volt shock
Album: strasbourg
Label: gunner
Track(s): destrincly electric

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