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  EMISSION DU 14/12/2014

Artiste Track Album Label

1 painted zeros polar night s v a l b a r d black bell

2 the cherry wave culture´90 avalancher auburnhouse

3 nots reactor we are nots goner

4 exhaustion blunt eyes biker aarght

5 hovertrain 14h46min23s hovertrain new demo autoproduction

5 bathernay do not be v/a: hyphen records sampler one hyphen

6 draliensmith lynchpin phosphorus bergerk

6 sleater-kinney surface envy no cities to love sub pop

6 mdme spkr big nothing big nothing autoproduction

6 dasmodell human label dasmodell shove

8 mombu mighty mombu niger subsound

8 girl arm her hands trading cities stack your roster

8 girl band i love you de bom bom any other city

8 nots black mold we are nots goner

8 exhaustion silver fog biker aarght

8 the oscillation future echo live at beursschouwburg, brussels jan 2014 cardinal fuzz

8 wild balbina looking through you sisters before misters elefant

8 slowcoaches raw dealings v/a: slowcoaches/feature split - tourists ep autoproduction

8 deaf wish st. vincent´s st. vincent´s sub pop

9 cosmostanza champion lvl college dayze coffin boner

9 riftworm pristine pristine autoproduction

9 bronze age empty townships give up autoproduction

9 nots static we are nots goner

9 exhaustion lonely cars biker aarght

Artiste: exhaustion
Album: biker
Label: aarght

Artiste: nots
Album: we are nots
Label: goner

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