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  EMISSION DU 29/03/2015

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the the funs the dark the dark public house sound

2 the the miami dolphins blender becky for practically everyone

3 monster treasure heat monster treasure harlot

4 marylin rambo zondag domingo qu´est-ce que tu fais pour les balances? cheap satanism

5 dead arms not on my watch, you white haired cunt all the hits rip this joint

5 aubrey let me down let me down ep autoproduction

6 dissolve innocence dissolve painter man

6 dissolve 3 dissolve painter man

6 dissolve pause for life dissolve painter man

7 godspeed you! black emperor asunder, sweet asunder, sweet and other distress constellation

8 oceanss dlysd atlantic ep autoproduction

8 mdme spkr the rotter the rotter autoproduction

8 retox let´s not keep in touch beneath california three one g

8 frank shinobi ninja a ninja b semantics honest house

8 marylin rambo rudaplaf for ever qu´est-ce que tu fais pour les balances? cheap satanism

8 monster treasure salt monster treasure harlot

8 back to whitworth neil armstrong house of bats e.p. autoproduction

8 cocaine piss pussy the pool in dogs we trust

9 ilydaen 1/121 maze dunk!

9 l.t.d.m.s. dix ("insérer titre") oxide tones

9 avenge thee + naime ear of the horse open carpet autoproduction

9 flies are spies from hell mountain language red eye unravelling friends of mine

9 sonic jesus underground sonic jesus ep fuzz club

9 marriages the liar salome sargent house

9 marylin rambo algis, vasculaires du cul qu´est-ce que tu fais pour les balances? cheap satanism

9 monster treasure assholes monster treasure harlot

Artiste: marylin rambo
Album: qu´est-ce que tu fais pour les balances?
Label: cheap satanism

Artiste: monster treasure
Album: monster treasure
Label: harlot


Artiste: dissolve
Album: dissolve
Label: painter man
Track(s): 3 / pause for life / innocence

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