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  EMISSION DU 03/01/2016

Artiste Track Album Label

1 lost rockets waves lost rockets hell is now love

2 metz swimmer ii sub pop

3 health problems seller´s market ugly man casino trash

4 other jesus horses everything is problematic no sun

5 vlasta popic trziste kvadrat moonlee

5 batpiss death will.... biomass poison city

6 we´ll go machete absence smile club cedar fever

6 eula i collapse wool sucking famous swords

7 general men i didn´t come home the drier months autoproduction

8 breathing patterns dolphinister pt. 3 all beat up autoproduction

8 protomartyr the devil in his youth the agent intellect hardly art

8 worm crown organism trauma autoproduction

8 hollywoodfun downstairs her venomous ways reactions press gang

8 god bows to math ardent pedestrian brighter futures muzai

8 throw down bones emitters throw down bones fuzz club

8 minami deutsch vocalism ai - forever takemitsu minami deutsch cardinal fuzz

8 lardo pedagogue gunmetal eyes alliterative accord

9 buzz rodeo arkansas sports whosbrain

9 ut psychic seeds noise deadening barrier marsiglia

9 wildhoney boys from out of town sleep through it deranged

9 the fireworks with my heart switch me on shelflife

9 marylin rambo rudaplaf for ever qu´est-ce que tu fais pour les balances? cheap satanism

10 space drugs please black dog takes the bait autoproduction

10 massis n°3 massis autoproduction

10 dead tenants gadfly void autoproduction

10 conduct a figure fear and desire public tone

10 blood cookie to the clouds sad party animal autoproduction

10 sauna youth transmitters distractions upset the rhythm

10 bathernay winter will be back moldy hyphen

11 meat wave cosmic zoo delusion moon side one dummy

11 a place to bury strangers i´m so clean transfixiation dead oceans

11 coma in algiers extol happy forever a wicked company

11 blacklisters shirts adult smalltown america

11 love of diagrams racing blast bedroom suck

35 peter kernel high fever thrill addict on the camper

36 usa nails i am normal no pleasure bigoût
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