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  EMISSION DU 08/05/2016

Artiste Track Album Label

1 abjects double bind double bind greenway

2 skinny girl diet silver spoons reclaim your life fiasco

3 video daughters hit the six video daughters already dead tapes

4 heat death obsolescene 9 steps to a happier life tasty tapes

5 giöbia devil´s howl magnifier sulatron

5 lacing gloom honey glow autoproduction

6 russian baths ambulance ambulance autoproduction

6 ladder devils even in her youth perfect hair autoproduction

7 auxiliary mammals flower flower autoproduction

8 cocaine piss cosmic bullshit cosmic bullshit hypertension

8 stations of the cross master/disciple stations cold front

8 zzz blood juggernaut excelsior

8 radar men from the moon masked disobedience subversive ii: splendor of the wicked fuzz club

8 maze other convictions v/a: serve yourself - crowd of chairs / maze split live fast die young

8 youff fever grip bait autoproduction

8 video daughters houdini´s grave video daughters already dead tapes

9 heat death death in uniform 9 steps to a happier life tasty tapes

9 motherfucker carl sagan´s ghost confetti sickroom

9 hollywoodfun downstairs 1929 reactions press gang

9 udarnik mammal mommy shoots a reindeer udarny phonographik kollektiv

10 no joy last boss negaverse mexican summer

10 white lung kiss me when i bleed paradise domino

10 soft fangs the air the light exploding in sound

11 brittle brian plant boy verisune autoproduction

11 forth wanderers selfish tough love too far gone

11 yautja denihilist songs of descent tapes of a neon god

11 gag wal-mart reality america´s greatest hits iron lung

11 horse jumper of love bagel breath horse jumper of love disposable america

11 kowloon walled city the pressure keeps me alive container ships brutal panda

11 heat death the pageant 9 steps to a happier life tasty tapes

11 video daughters windows video daughters already dead tapes

Artiste: video daughters
Album: video daughters
Label: already dead tapes

Artiste: heat death
Album: 9 steps to a happier life
Label: tasty tapes


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