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  EMISSION DU 18/09/2016

Artiste Track Album Label

1 future women james bond, jr james bond, jr autoproduction

2 sleepies all over the years natural selection mirror universe tapes

3 wives bad man wive autoproduction

4 no sister this heat no sister autoproduction

5 soda lilies honey wire love cemetery tapes autoproduction

5 rev rev rev buzzing flowers ecstasy des fleurs magiques bourdonnaient kinotone

6 fresh snow january skies one hand drawn dracula

6 yurodivy six feet under water (story of a fish) when deep waters... itawak

7 ldma between wolves & dogs ldma itawak

8 mental dress it´s ok not to to have sex v/a: mental distress / ed warner split crapoulet

8 the glücks you´ll never tame me cucucool monstrophonic

8 chiyoda ku it´s good, but you can´t dance to it not listening autoproduction

8 usé c´est si lisse chien d´la casse born bad

8 mosquito ego local zero glomb treibender teppich

8 wives tired wive autoproduction

8 no sister portrait in a rearviewer mirror no sister autoproduction

9 camera ildefons phantom of liberty bureau b

9 bkilld chinese groove bkilld autoproduction

9 blaak heat sword of hakim shifting mirrors tee pee

9 minami deutsch übergleich part i minami deutsch cardinal fuzz

10 10000 russos usvsus 10000 russos fuzz club

10 birthday noose johnny zero hour - suicide revisited the blog that celebrates itself

10 facteur cheval boucle adieu l´organique humpty dumpty

11 ukadanz endè lyérusalem awo bigoût

11 ritual howls bound by light into the water felte

11 wovenhand come brave star treatment sargent house

11 wives chantilly lace wive autoproduction

11 no sister overpass no sister autoproduction

Artiste: no sister
Album: no sister
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: wives
Album: wive
Label: autoproduction


Artiste: mental dress
Album: v/a: mental distress / ed warner split
Label: crapoulet
Track(s): it´s ok not to to have sex

Artiste: ldma
Album: ldma
Label: itawak
Track(s): between wolves & dogs

Artiste: yurodivy
Album: when deep waters...
Label: itawak
Track(s): six feet under water (story of a fish)

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