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  EMISSION DU 24/04/2005

Artiste Track Album Label

1 stereo total la douce humanité do the bambi disko b

1 sennen just wanted to know collected recordings 2003/2004 autoproduction

3 sleepy lili afterdark trees autoproduction

4 27 the cause let the light in hydra head industries

5 hang on the box bitch for every punk bitch & arsehole arrivederci baby!

5 mogwai superheroes of bmx government commissions - bbc sesssions 1996-2003 pias/bbc

6 red sparowes alone and unaware, the landscape was transformed in front of our eyes. at the soundless dawn neurot

6 the wedding present it's for you take fountain stickman

6 sleepy lili waiting for the storm trees autoproduction

6 the projects no revolutions let's get static track & field

8 naifu violet naughty pony puppy farm

8 help she can´t swim are you feeling fashionable? fashionista super dance troupe fantastic plastic

8 molia falls untitled track 5 track promo cd autoproduction

8 les georges leningrad fifi. f. sur les traces de black eskimo tomlab

8 volt voice untitled track démo autoproduction

8 13 & god tin strong 13 & god anticon

8 eyston out of that crowd v/a: split cd w/ eyston & actarus 213

8 anderson robin we are radio anderson volkoren

8 actarus pao de queijo v/a: split cd w/ eyston & actarus 213

8 molia falls untitled track 5 track promo cd autoproduction

8 and you will know us by the trail of dead caterwaul worlds apart interscope

8 the 5,6,7,8´s hanky panky teenage mojo workout sweet nothing

8 sleepy lili positive vibe trees autoproduction

9 the ecstasy of saint theresa square wave 13 years in noises cherry red

Artiste: sleepy lili
Album: trees
Label: autoproduction

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