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  EMISSION DU 25/12/2016

Artiste Track Album Label

1 rebel kind billy spoke his mind just for fools urinal cake

2 nameless creations i decline hate creates autoproduction

3 the sweet release of death the end the sweet release of death katzwijm

4 nitkowski the task as matter effortless charm triple jump

5 human resource dearth dearth autoproduction

5 attila krang cambodia gymkhana cheap satanism

6 the electric lazarus insanity girl superstar ep blak hand

6 ozean scenic ozean autoproduction

7 ozean fall ozean autoproduction

8 ozean porcelain ozean autoproduction

8 bat gitter burn bgt enrage

8 gorsha suburbs suburbs autoproduction

8 casual sect i´ve seen some things i can´t unsee the hidden persuaders box

8 grouper headache paradise valley yellow electric

8 tvam total immersion total immersion psychic data

8 nitkowski broken rites effortless charm triple jump

9 the sweet release of death kitty swim club the sweet release of death katzwijm

9 pirato ketchup bikini b**ch party that´s right! ep autoproduction

10 tom waits big in japan mule variations anti-

10 dj muggs i know dust anti-

11 greg graffin little sadie cold as the clay anti-

11 book of knots third generation pink slip traineater anti-

11 the swell season fantasy man strict joy anti-

11 sage francis three sheets to the wind li(f)e anti-

11 deafheaven brought to the water new bermuda anti-

11 nitkowski burn wood, make lye effortless charm triple jump

11 the sweet release of death smutek the sweet release of death katzwijm

Artiste: the sweet release of death
Album: the sweet release of death
Label: katzwijm

Artiste: nitkowski
Album: effortless charm
Label: triple jump


Artiste: ozean
Album: ozean
Label: autoproduction
Track(s): scenic / fall / porcelain

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