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  EMISSION DU 05/02/2017

Artiste Track Album Label

1 halfsour hosed land of discarded ideas disposable america

2 pleather purrs pleather purrs pleather purrs autoproduction

3 hollywoodfun downstairs dead, space, fashion tetris antena krzyku

4 the stargazer lilies sunday is monday at midnight part time punks casa del puente discos

5 moonwalks a little touch of gravity a little touch of gravity greenway

5 parlor walls play opposites opposites northern spy

6 lost talk jesus is a centaur jesus is a centaur autoproduction

6 zaperlipopette! hosti z! autoproduction

7 pure moods elisa lam pure moods deaf ambitions

8 pure moods from my pocket pure moods deaf ambitions

8 pure moods meadow heights pure moods deaf ambitions

8 future of the left grass parade the peace and truce of future of the left prescriptions

8 j.c. satàn satan ii j.c. satàn born bad

8 the glücks bugs youth on stuff monstrophonic

8 hollywoodfun downstairs "shocking by the glove" tetris antena krzyku

8 jet lag smokin´ joe smokin´ joe autoproduction

9 the stargazer lilies fukitol part time punks casa del puente discos

9 deluge vide aether les acteurs de l´ombre

10 ovo creatura creatura supernatural cat

10 morkobot krogor gorgo supernatural cat

11 of feather and bone the profane embrace the wretched flesh good fight

11 axis crippled man show your greed good fight

11 belzebong undertoker greenferno emetic

11 the lucid dream sweet hold on me songs of lies and deceit the great pop supplement

11 giöbia are you lovin´me more (but enjoy it less) introducing night sound sulatron

11 regarde les hommes tomber thou shall lie down exile les acteurs de l´ombre

11 hollywoodfun downstairs read-all-about-it tetris antena krzyku

11 the stargazer lilies space jam part time punks casa del puente discos

Artiste: hollywoodfun downstairs
Album: tetris
Label: antena krzyku

Artiste: the stargazer lilies
Album: part time punks
Label: casa del puente discos


Artiste: pure moods
Album: pure moods
Label: deaf ambitions
Track(s): elisa lam / from my pocket / meadow heights

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